The Pentagon expects good and healthy relations to continue with the Pakistan Army

Thursday, April 14, 2022

WASHINGTON: Pentagon spokesman John Kirby says the US military has a healthy military relationship with the Pakistani military and hopes it will continue.

John Kirby has said he acknowledges Pakistan's sacrifices in the fight against terrorism in the region. The Pakistani people are victims of terrorism in their own country.

He further added that the United States seeks common interests with Pakistan for security and stability in the region.

According to the report, when asked about former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's accusation against the United States of overthrowing his government, a Pentagon spokesman said, "I think you should understand that we will not comment on inside politics of pakistan. 

According to the report, the Pentagon's statement came at a time when Pakistan's new Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, taking the oath of office, expressed his desire for a long-term relationship with the United States.

In addition, White House spokeswoman Jane Sackie said on the change of Prime Minister in Pakistan that a democratic Pakistan is important for American interests.


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