Collected 1 million dollar from the 261-hour ice hockey competition

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Alberta: An indoor ice hockey match in Canada was attended by 40 players and the match lasted for 261 hours, setting a new world record, with the aim of somehow raising funds for the treatment of children. 

By the time the match was over,  1 million dollar had been raised for sick children, and the Guinness Book of World Records also called the competition a new world record. And this competition was named as 'Hockey Marathon for Kids'.

Earlier, a similar hockey game was held in the Buffalo area of ​​New York which lasted for 252 hours. The full amount of this new competition will be donated to the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation.

Proceeds from the ice hockey competition will be spent on treating children with cancer in particular. The game started on March 31 and lasted for eleven consecutive days. People cheered when the game was over.

It took the teams a month to prepare this record. All the players involved in the game had very little time to rest but when the idea of ​​sick children came to their mind, they picked up hockey and started playing. However, many players were injured but they continued their mission regardless.


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