The 74-year-old woman was shocked to see her bank account 60 years later

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

A 74-year-old Scottish woman was shocked to see her 6-decade-old bank account balance.

This is because only 3.35 dollar  was deposited in his account 60 years ago, which increased to  335 dollar.

Carol Allison was raised in the Philippines, but she used to come to Scotland to visit her grandmother, And at the same time, when she was only 6 years old, her grandmother had opened an account in her name in Trustee Savings Bank.

Later, after the death of his grandmother in 1969, he got the bank book.

Carol Ellison now lives in the Stockbridge area of ​​Edinburgh and recently received the bank book while cleaning her home.

 When she went to the bank with the bank book, she was told that her amount had increased from  3.35 to  335 dollar.

The woman says she is very happy and grateful to her grandmother.


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