Man arrested for stealing more than 500 bicycles in UK

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

London: A British man has been arrested on charges of stealing 500 bicycles. There is a pile of bicycles near his house. Can also be seen from Google Map.

A 54-year-old man from Oxfordshire is accused of stealing bicycles and has hundreds of bicycles near his home. These bicycles have been accumulated over a period of five years and now a huge stock of them has been accumulated.

Police say most of the bicycles were stolen and their owners are now being sought. The area is said to have been a major hub for bicycle theft for many years, even to the point of being called the worst place for cyclists in the media.

Both the public and the police are amazed at how such a large number of bicycles have gathered here, and why no one has noticed it yet and why these bicycles have not been sold yet and the purpose of the theft. 

According to the report, a neighbor said that a truck full of bicycles used to come here at night for many years but none of us paid any attention to it. The bicycle thief was asked why he has collected so many bicycles. He replied that it would be given to poor African children. But bicycles have been around for a long time.

 Police are investigating and hope to find out more.


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