A homeless amateur teenager discovers supernova

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Moscow: Philip Romanov of Moscow is currently homeless and in this condition he has discovered a supernova, a star bursting in the distant sky.

Although Philip is very young, he is famous in the world because he has so far found 80 variable stars, 10 planetary nebulae, four binary stars and named them. But now, for the first time, they have discovered the SN 2022 BSI supernova in the NGC5902 galaxy.

Interestingly, 24-year-old Philip has no degree of any kind and has developed this ability on his own. However, they discovered the supernova on February 9 this year, which has now been confirmed. They discovered the supernova with the help of the New Mexico Sky Observatory in Mexico. 

According to Philip, after seeing the first images, they obtained spectrum from images of a 60-inch telescope mounted on Mount Polomer, which confirmed the supernova on February 28, 21 days later. It is a subtype of Type One A supernova located 500 million light-years from Earth.

Philip says he started reading astronomy books in 2009 out of his obsession. He wants to pursue a degree in astronomy but has not been able to do so because he has been homeless with his parents since 2017.

Philip lives in the house of his loved ones where he has been asked to leave home. Many times he spent nights in the park and at the train station. Philip suffers from asthma and heart defects, after which he was given a two-year honorary membership by the Variable Stars Astronomers' Association in the United States.


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