First American female pilot's leather helmet auction

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

A leather helmet  of Emilia Airhart, the first American female pilot to cross the Atlantic, sold for 825,000 dollar.

According to reports, Emilia Airhart performed this feat in the year 1928, during which she was wearing a leather helmet which was unfortunately lost in the crowd of fans in America.

According to reports, a man named Anthony said his mother was present where Emilia last wore a helmet in 1928.

"It took me many years to prove the authenticity of this helmet, so after all the legal hurdles, I decided to auction it off," he said.

The highest bid for the helmet at auction was  825,000 dollar.

Remember that female pilot Emilia Airhart holds a special place in the history of aviation, she was the first female solo pilot to cross the Atlantic.

Emilia Airhart's Navigator, which went missing in 1937 while flying over the Pacific Ocean, was believed to be near the island of Nicomorro at the time.


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