Discovery of the highly modified and endangered species of corona in deer

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Ontario: A new strain of corona virus has been found in white-tailed deer, the most mutated form of the deadly virus to date.

According to the World News Agency, a new strain of corona has been discovered in Canada, which is very different from the "genealogy" of the virus, and surprisingly the person in whom this strain of corona has been found. A similar species has been found in deer.

This is the same deer that the person with the virus spent a lot of time with. Discovered in a Canadian province, experts have dubbed this highly modified form of the corona "Ontario WTD" and called it a new branch of the Sars Code-2 family.

Experts say that the virus may have been growing in the society a year before it came to light, but it has not been noticed, due to which it may not be very contagious. And also that the society has now developed a strong resistance against Corona.

Experts say that the 79 genes in this form of corona found in white-tailed deer are different from the corona virus that was first discovered in the Chinese province of Wuhan and then spread around the world, disrupting daily life.

Experts have so far found no evidence that this new strain of Corona is contagious or more lethal. Research in this regard is ongoing.


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