Attack on Ukraine: School children arrested for participating in anti-Russian protests

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

According to media sources, primary school children were arrested for waving placards during an anti-war protest in Russia.

Russian opposition party leader Ilya Yashin shared photos of the three children on social media.

"Nothing is normal, there are only children behind anti-war posters in police cars, this is Putin's Russia, people, you live here," Ilya Yashin said.

According to the media, a child sitting in a police car can be seen holding a poster with the words 'Don't fight' written in the local language.

"I am convinced that the propaganda of the Russian presidential palace (Kremlin) will now lead to a war, "don't involve children in politics," he added.

Despite police crackdowns, thousands of Russians took to the streets in Ukraine to protest Vladimir Putin's brutal war, according to reports.

About 7,000 people have already been detained for protesting in 50 cities, according to a human rights group.

It should be noted that Russia started the war by invading Ukraine on February 24.


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