As the time for the no-confidence motion approaches, all will return, predicts the Prime Minister

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that politics of money has come in Pakistan, people are being bought by stealing people's money, our members who talk to the opposition will come back seeing the pressure of the people.

Addressing the ground breaking ceremony of Rawalpindi Ring Road project, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that it was a good thing that the no-confidence motion came, it showed the people how the market is set up to buy members of the Assembly. Money is buying people's conscience, that is why our country is left behind.

The Prime Minister said that the whole nation has seen what is going on, big bags of money are coming, I am seeing the anger of the people against the sale of 'conscience', most of our members going to the opposition see the pressure of the people. Will come back

He said that everything is going on openly, just like what is happening in Sindh House, no one in the UK could have imagined that a Member of Parliament would cross the floor with money and go to the other side, he is afraid of the people. If anyone does that, his politics will end and at the same time he will be sent to jail.

Referring to the raid of PTI workers on Sindh House Islamabad, he said that our people got emotional. If a member of your constituency goes to the other side with money then peaceful protest is your right but don't clash.

"On March 27, we will hold the biggest meeting in history. Allah has commanded us to stand up against evil and with good. The people will tell us which way it stands," he added.


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