A 2,500-year-old artificial lake built in the alignment of the stars

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

 An artificial lake was discovered in Italy in 1920. It turned out that it was actually a 'sacred pool'. It was built 2500 years ago keeping in mind the directions and alignment of the stars.

The artificial lake was part of the ancient city of Motya on the island of San Pentecolo in western Sicily.

2,500 years ago, Pearl was an important city in the Phoenician Empire. For many years after its discovery, it was considered an artificial lake, designed for the transport of boats and small ships.

After ten years of research, it was discovered that this was not an artificial lake.

Rather, it was a sacred pool, with a statue of a deity called Ba'al.

The study, published in the latest issue of the research journal Antiquity, published by Cambridge University Press, shows that the statue was erected on a square stone in the middle of the pool.

As time went on, the statue could not retain its original condition and was shattered, but its footprints still remain today.

It was huge enough to be supplied with water from a nearby spring.

Some large drains also flow out of the pond which were considered as canals. In fact, they were used for drainage and conveyed the used water to the sea.

The most important thing that has come to light is that the pond was specially designed keeping in mind the directions and arrangement of the stars.


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