Zionist forces fire on protesters against illegal ghettos, injuring 82 Palestinians

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Ramallah: Zionist forces shelled and fired on unarmed Palestinians protesting against illegal ghettos, injuring 82 people. Algeria and Palestine have called on the African Union to end Israeli observer status.

Instead of kneeling before Israeli atrocities, unarmed Palestinians took to the streets again, protesting against illegal Israeli settlements in various West Bank towns, brutal Zionist forces storming the protesters, firing tear gas shells. And  raining rubber bullets on unarmed Palestinians, injuring dozens of protesters.

Israel's deadly weapons did not dampen the Palestinians' spirits, and Palestinian youths responded with stones and slingshots.

The African Union (AU) has given observer status to Israel's killer of Palestinians, prompting protests by the Palestinian Prime Minister and Algerian Foreign Minister. Rewarding the possessing country as an observer is a joke with humanity.


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