With enzyme therapy, organs can now be transferred from one person to another

Friday, February 18, 2022

OTTAWA: If a healthy person donates an organ to a patient, there are a number of complications in which one person cannot be donated to another due to different blood groups. Now, thanks to enzyme therapy, even complex organs can be implanted in people with different blood groups.

After many years of hard work by scientists in Canada, an enzyme treatment has been devised that will allow a single organ to be safely transplanted to patients of a worldwide blood type.

Now whether it is a blood transfusion or a transplant, if the blood type is not the same, the matter can be complicated. If an organ belonging to a different group is implanted in this way, then the body first becomes its enemy and rejects it.

To solve this, a team of scientists used enzymes to remove antigen from a donated organ. In this way the condition of the organ becomes 'Universal O Group'. Two enzymes for therapy are taken from the human intestine, namely, FPGEL, NACD, ACE Tiles, and FPGalactozamide.

Scientists placed two lungs inside the X-Wave Ling Perfusion system. In this system, the lungs are kept alive in blood and essential components before transplantation. Now both enzymes have been added to it.

The experiment involved a type A donor lung that was already damaged and had been rejected by doctors for treatment. When two enzymes were inserted into the EVLP system, the antigen (blood group) and its effects disappeared by 97% from the whole organ shortly after. Now that it has been placed in blood of the opposite blood group, the lung-rejecting ingredients have not been found.

The experiment showed that enzyme therapy could sooner or later help transplant organs from people of different blood groups.


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