The world's first car traveling at 60 miles per hour on land and water is ready!

Monday, February 21, 2022

To date, you may have seen such vehicles in movies and ideas. Now these ideas and science fiction have become reality.

The car is priced at  100,000 and will go on sale this year. The idea of   this car is not a new thing but an idea was born in this regard in 1950, which was also included in various science fiction movies.

And surprisingly, this car will run on electricity, which can run faster than Ferrari, MC Lauren and Bugatti.

Van Mercier, an American engineer, designed the car and said that its seat is so comfortable that when you sit on the car, it feels as if you are traveling in a fighter jet.

Although the dashboard of this car is fully digital, but it also has a petrol engine so that it can be run when needed.


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