The whale can travel up to 6,000 km to find and mate its mate

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Although whales are accustomed to long distances in deep waters, they can travel up to 6,000 km in search of a mate by being active during breeding and mating.

The humpback whale is found in the 'big' ocean. She lives in Alaska and Canada in the summer. They then move to Hawaii or Mexico to breed in the winter. According to scientists, these places are important for meeting the 'opposite sex'. But some more information has emerged from the whale's whistles and songs.

Dr. James Darling and his colleagues have thoroughly reviewed 26,000 photographs of a humpback whale floating in the North Ocean since 1977.

Research has shown that a male whale traveled 4545 km in 53 days. First he went to the Norwich Hawaiian island of Oluvalo, where he spent some time with a group. He then landed on a Mexican island with three whales.

Another whale, probably a male whale, traveled 5944 km in 49 days in 2018, reached Mexico and then Hawaii. Here seven male whales mate with a female. Then in the summer the two whales were in Canada and Alaska.

Experts have proved that not only male whales but also female whales travel long distances in the oceans. Scientists say that whales can cover a distance of 4 km in an hour.


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