The International Space Station will be throw into the sea in 2031

Saturday, February 5, 2022
The International Space Station will be throw into the sea in 2031

WASHINGTON: After valuable services in space science and technology, the International Space Station will finally be launched towards the sea by 2031, and it is expected that part of it will fall into the sea even after being burnt by air friction.

A report submitted to Congress by NASA states that although parts of the International Space Station are repairable, it will eventually retire. Under the plan, it would be demolished at a point in the Pacific Ocean called Point Nemo, which is also an uninhabited and desolate region.

According to NASA, Point Nemo is an area far from populated, and the Russian space station Mir was thrown here in 2001. Larger satellites have been deorbited in the same direction before.

According to the report, Congress had asked NASA experts to explain the feasibility of the station. NASA has said that its orbit could be moved further down into the lower orbit of the earth and it could be handed over to private companies. However, it was finally decided that after nine years it would turn towards the earth.

The ISS has been orbiting the Earth, living in space since 1998, 24 years before today. And the world's five space agencies played a key role in creating it. More than 3,000 unique and interesting experiments were performed in its famous micro-laboratory which were not possible in the terrestrial environment. It has developed many new technologies,

Which will be useful for human beings in the time to come.

Under the plan, its normal operations will continue till 2030, while it will be phased out and completely silenced. It will then be expelled from orbit, which will be possible in several stages.


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