The Hindu youth passed the CSS exam and became the first Hindu ASP officer in Pakistan

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Badin: A 22-year-old member of the Hindu community from a backward area passed the CSS exam and became the first Hindu ASP officer in Pakistan. When he reached Raja Rajendra's house, he was received with great enthusiasm.

According to the details, Malkani, a town in Badin's Tail, which is deprived of all basic amenities, where protests are held every day over the lack of facilities, despite being educated in a government school in the same city, the Meghawar community of the Hindu community 22-year-old Raja Rajinder has become the first ASP officer of Pakistan by passing the CSS exam.

According to the report, Raja Rajendra said that there is no doubt that we are all Pakistanis. Where all nations are seen with one eye and passing the test on my merit is a telling proof of that.

He said that the prayers of his parents were behind this success. He prepared for the CSS exam in Lahore for one year and took the exam in 2021. In addition, father Lal G. Meghwar and area resident advocate Ram Kolha said that Pakistan has merit and if he works hard he can go ahead. 

When the news of passing the exam spread on social media, the young residents of the area became desperate to meet Raja Rajinder. Gifts were also presented.


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