Tensions continue on the Ukrainian front, US troops arrive in Poland to bolster NATO

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Kiev: Tensions on the Ukrainian front are not easing, US troops have arrived in Poland to bolster NATO, and war games are being held by Moscow, Washington and Kiev.

Russia and NATO continue to clash over Ukraine. In Europe, US forces arrived in Poland to strengthen the NATO alliance against Moscow. A Polish spokesman says another 1,700 US troops will arrive soon.

In the Mediterranean, US aircraft carriers conducted exercises with NATO warships, while F-18 aircraft flying overseas flew over Eastern Europe, including Poland and Romania.

The Russian Air Force conducted exercises near the Ukrainian border with the participation of 80 units and 500 military personnel. In Belarus, Russian forces conducted joint exercises with Belarusian forces using tanks, anti-aircraft guns and helicopters.

Ukrainian forces set up a military camp near the capital, Kiev, and civilians were trained to wield light weapons.


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