Snake and whole scorpion soup, a popular Chinese gift

Monday, February 21, 2022

Beijing: The tradition of eating insects is very old in China, but recently snake and scorpion soup are becoming more and more popular. Although they can be toxic, most people use them to cleanse the body of toxins. People think that it helps in detoxification.

In the Chinese province of Guangdong, such strange and even scary dishes are made. Deep fried scorpions are eaten as meat. Its stalls are also found on sidewalks. But in other areas, people like to make snake and especially scorpion soup.

Experts have repeatedly warned that scorpions contain a certain amount of poison. This poison can be harmful but people believe that it is poison that kills poison. According to him, it is also an excellent prescription for physical poisoning. But making scorpion soup itself is no less difficult.

For scorpion soup, it has to be cooked for three hours. Often it is not included in the menu and is cooked to order. It is mixed with pieces of pork and snake meat and ginger, garlic, some vegetables and spices are added. After this recipe, according to the people, this de-toxication becomes a drink. But after a while it is decided that ordinary people can stop eating after seeing it and their appetite is destroyed.

According to curious people, it contains water snake meat which is very soft and delicious. Some people say that some liquid is released when the scorpion's body is covered and its taste has been described as strange.

Eating scorpions and snakes in Chinese medicine cures arthritis, blood pressure and skin diseases. They also reduce body heat in summer.


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