Russia has begun military exercises that will test nuclear missiles.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

MOSCOW: At the behest of President Vladimir Putin, the Russian military has launched a military exercise that will test nuclear missiles.

According to the report, Russian government spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the exercise was aimed at testing the Russian military's readiness for strategic nuclear weapons.

According to the Moscow government, the Russian military fired ballistic and cruise missiles, while a hypersonic missile was successfully tested.

Earlier, pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine began moving citizens to Moscow in retaliation for government forces, while President Putin announced a 130 dollars aid package for each visitor.

Rebel commander Denis Peshlin began moving women, children and senior citizens from Luhansk and Donetsk to Russia in anticipation of a possible Ukrainian invasion.

A UN humanitarian convoy was shelled in Luhansk. As a result, the rebels and the Ukrainian army blamed each other.

This has escalated tensions between Russia and the West, with the Russian president's statement adding fuel to the fire.

In his statement, the Russian president vowed to protect Russia's national interests and signaled military exercises near the Ukrainian border.


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