Russia could strike in a few days, claims US President

Thursday, February 17, 2022

US President Joe Biden has said that the threat posed by Russia to Ukraine is too great and that Russia could invade Ukraine in a few days. The diplomatic route to the Ukraine conflict still exists. But I have no intention of talking to Russian President Putin.

US President Joe Biden says Russia has not called in troops but is moving more troops.

He said Russia was looking for an excuse to invade Ukraine and was therefore engaged in a "false flag" operation. It is estimated that Russia is ready to attack.

Speaking at NATO headquarters, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin rejected Moscow's claims of a military withdrawal, saying the United States was looking into storing blood supplies to Russia and deploying troops near Ukraine's borders.

According to Lloyd Austin, Russian warplanes have been spotted flying. Also, reports of shelling are "alarming."

Russia could invade Ukraine in a very short time without warning, says NATO chief

Jens Stoltenberg said Russia was ready to invade Ukraine without warning in a very short time.

Stoltenberg also confirmed that Russia was fully prepared to attack Ukraine on short notice, that Russia had the appropriate military and other capabilities to attack, and that Russia's readiness was making the situation extremely dangerous.


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