Russia, Belarus begin new military exercises on Ukrainian border

Friday, February 11, 2022
Russia, Belarus begin new military exercises on Ukrainian border

Moscow: Tensions between Ukraine and Russia have not abated, with Russia and Belarus launching new military exercises near the Ukrainian border. In addition, Lithuania will supply Stinger missiles to Kiev, while large quantities of weapons are being delivered to Ukraine from European countries.

Tensions remain high on the Ukrainian front, diplomatic relations between Russia and the West have ended inconclusively, and Russia and Belarus have begun new joint military exercises.

In addition to fighter jets, small and large weapons were also tested in these exercises.

When British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrived in Poland, he was accompanied by additional British troops to Warsaw. A contingent of US troops also arrived in Romania, which has a 613 km long border with Ukraine. Who could come to Ukraine's aid in the event of a possible war.

The Prime Minister of Lithuania has announced the supply of Stinger missiles to Ukraine and these surface-to-air missiles will soon reach Kiev.


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