Obesity causes brain aging 'research'

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Obesity not only increases the risk of heart disease but also rapidly increases the age of the brain, according to a Canadian study.

The study looked at more than 9,000 Canadians between the ages of 50 and 66, with an average age of about 58.

Of those who were overweight or obese, the expected risk of various cardiovascular diseases was higher than those of normal weight.

When tested for memory and learning abilities, the scores of obese people were found to be significantly lower than those of normal weight.

Obese people have a lack of memory and learning. Excess fat is affecting not only their body but also their brain.

For this reason, the mental age of obese people was many years older than their physical age, that is, they began to age prematurely.

In the light of this research, experts say that people with obesity should pay more attention to their physical activities, especially walking, as this would improve blood flow in the body.

This increases the amount of blood reaching the brain and improves brain health.


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