Model evicted from Vatican City for wearing inappropriate clothing

Saturday, February 5, 2022

A social media influencer visiting Rome has been expelled from Vatican City for questionable behavior.

An influencer named Jojo Veiravas claims that his staff ordered him to leave because he was in a "very objectionable condition".

JoJo was enjoying her day at the Vatican in January. Little did they know that their choice of clothing would be an issue.

The Instagram model from Brazil alleged that she was told that she was not dressed properly so you have to go to the holy place.

Jojo says she feels "disgraced" to be kicked out by the man, even though she only went to the holy city to take pictures.

Remember that Vatican City is considered a holy city of Christianity.

Jojo says a gentleman working there told me it was a place of worship and that I was not properly dressed. He told me to go and kicked me out of the Vatican.

Given that the Vatican has a strict dress code for both male and female visitors, the Vatican requires that the shoulders and knees be covered at all times.


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