London: Why were their heads cut off and placed in their legs?

Wednesday, February 9, 2022
London: Why were their heads cut off and placed in their legs?

London: 425 human skeletons have been recovered from an ancient Roman cemetery in Britain, of which 40 skeletons have been decapitated. Each person's head was placed between his legs.

The cemetery was discovered by 50 experts at Flat Marsden in Buckinghamshire.The purpose of the excavation was to make a track for the high speed train from here. According to experts, ten percent of the people had their necks cut off. And the necks were cut off and placed between the feet or on the side.

According to experts, they may have been prisoners of war or criminals who were beheaded at the time of sentencing. Beheadings, although not common among the Romans. However, experts are conducting further research which will shed some light on the whole incident.

Archaeologist Dr. Helen Wass says the research will fully respect human dignity, and shed light on all facts.

Many artifacts, as well as 1,200 coins, have been found at the site, suggesting the area may have been a center of trade or shopping. Spoons and other items have also been found, suggesting that gambling may have taken place here in the past.

It should be noted that Britain was ruled by the Romans from 43 to 410 AD. That is why so far more than 100 artefacts belonging to Roman civilization and culture have been found.


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