Famous boxer Aamir Khan defeated in the most important fight

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Manchester: In the most important fight between British rival Kyle Brook and Pakistani-born boxer Aamir Khan, Kyle Brooke defeated Aamir Khan.

After a fierce fight in the welterweight fight at Manchester Arena, British rival Kyle Brock defeated Pakistani-born British boxer Aamir Khan. Kyle Brooke's fierce fight knocked out Aamir Khan in the sixth round.

Boxer Kyle Brook scored the 40th victory of his career in a fight with Aamir Khan. Before that, they have lost only 3 matches so far.

According to the report, boxer Aamir Khan, who appeared in action after 2 years, has so far won 34 out of 39 and knocked out 21.

Talking to media before the fight, boxer Aamir Khan said that he is ready for the fight, adding that he will make Pakistan famous by winning the fight against rival Kyle Brook.

Aamir Khan thanked the Pakistanis for their prayers and promised to come to Pakistan with the international boxer after the fight.

In addition, while talking to the media, Manchester Arena resounded with slogans of "Long live Pakistan" and "Long live Aamir Khan" while a large number of Pakistanis were present in Manchester Arena to support Aamir Khan.


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