Dozens of birds are feared to have died suddenly in Mexico

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

The sudden fall of innumerable birds on the ground during normal flight has caused panic among the people and experts are worried.

The incident took place in the northern Mexican city of Cuau Temuco, where birds fell on the streets like ripe fruit. On the one hand, there is fear and anxiety among the people due to this incident and on the other hand, scientists are giving different explanations.

Experts said that these birds were attacked by birds of prey and came down rapidly but it is clear that all the birds were migrating in winter. In the CCTV footage, birds can be seen falling on houses and on the road like a black sheet, which was a fast process. Most birds appear in black and yellow.

All the birds were returning to Mexico from the freezing cold of the United States and Canada, returning at the end of winter. The incident was first reported by a local newspaper, El Heraldo. According to a leading zoologist, these sensitive birds have died from the city's air pollution because they were not used to it. According to him, in winter, wood smoke, pesticides and vehicle smoke seem to have accumulated in the air which has killed the birds.

According to an expert, all the birds have collided with the power high tension lines but the rumors are loud and some have blamed it on the Five G Tower.

According to Dr. Richard Broughton, a British ornithologist, although birds of prey were not found in the video, they are 99% sure that the young birds died as a result. According to him, large birds of prey can push small birds to one side and force them to land. Here they can hit houses, buildings and roads and die instantly.

"Maybe a prairie hunter, a raptor or a bloodthirsty hunter was chasing the mob. And the little birds were falling to the ground in a wave, "said Dr. Richard.

Other experts agree, and such incidents are commonplace. A similar 225 birds fell and died in December 2019 in Angeles.


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