Discovery of the unique rock that causes earthquakes beneath the Japanese coast

Thursday, February 10, 2022

TOKYO: A fiery rock has been discovered off the coast of southern Japan that could act as a magnet or an electric rod and cause strong earthquakes.

Volcanic rocks are commonly called Agnes Rock. This rock is called "Kumano platoon".A detailed 3D map shows that the energy of the tectonic plates reaches the sides of the rock and is slowly accumulating.

This important research will help in predicting possible earthquakes in Japan and will also help to know the connection between volcanic rock and tectonic plates.

"It's hard to say where and when major earthquakes will occur in the future, but data and modeling can accurately predict them," said Sushi Kodera, a senior scientist at the Maritime Earth Science and Technology Agency. Are

In 2006, scientists discovered the Kumano Pluton, a rock composed of molten terrestrial matter. Pluto is a rock that erupts out of the earth's crust by removing other rocks and gradually cools and hardens.

In addition, it is learned that in the Nankai subduction zone, one geological plate is sinking into another plate which is called subduction process. This causes energy to accumulate on the plates and cause earthquakes. Then it was discovered that there was a Pluto rock at one place.

Experts then collected data for another 20 years and mapped the blueton rock, confirming it.

We know that whether an earthquake is small or large, its effects spread like wildfire from place to place in a pond, wreaking havoc and returning. Experts have mapped out the process, which is a daunting task. Terrible earthquakes of 1944 and 1946 also erupted from this place and now it is known that the role of Pluto was very important.


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