Did dinosaurs also get colds and coughs?

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Montana: An interesting study has revealed that even giant dinosaurs millions of years ago today were sneezing and coughing due to diseases like bird flu.

After years of expert research on the fossils of a dinosaur about 150 million years old, kept in a museum in the US state of Montana, it has been proved that dinosaurs also suffered from colds, flu and fever.The fossils were discovered in Malta Montana.

After many years of research, it has come to light that the spinal cord attached to the trachea in them was slightly moved from its original position, while the texture of its ribs in the fossil also seemed strange.And surprisingly, the dinosaur's respiratory system was similar to that of modern-day birds.

Further examination of his legs and other body parts revealed that his throat and ribs were in the same condition as those of modern birds with bird flu.In the past, this dinosaur has had such severe attacks of sneezing and coughing that part of its neck and ribs have been dislocated.

Scientists say the dinosaur may have been between 15 and 20 years old at the time of its death.

However, there are no signs in its fossils that point to another animal attack on it. Or a heavy rock, etc., indicating a fall.

Dr. Kerry Woodruff, the lead author of the research paper and senior scientist at the Museum of the Rockies, said:

 Respiratory diseases also existed in the time of the dinosaurs; But we can't say whether those diseases were caused by germs and fungi or whether they were caused by viruses such as the current bird flu virus, "said Dr. Woodrow, concluding.


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