Chimpanzees heal the wounds of others with 'worm ointment'

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Gabon: Chimpanzees are extraordinarily intelligent, but now there is something unusual about them. In which the chimpanzee have been seen treating each other's wounds.

In 2019, a PhD student in Longo National Park in Gabon saw a mother chimpanzee grind a worm on her child's open wound and apply it as an ointment. According to experts, such a trend has not been seen in chimpanzees before.

In the park, a female chimpanzee named Susie saw an open wound on her baby Sia's leg. Then he put something in his mouth and grinded it and applied it to the wound.

Since then, many such incidents have been seen and recorded in which chimpanzees have caught insects flying in the air, then put them in their mouths and applied them to wounds and bruises. A total of 22 such incidents were reported across the park in which chimpanzees treated injured or sick companions and most of them used insects.

According to chimpanzee specialist Dr. Tobias Deschner, this is the first case of these animals being treated with insect repellent. Although snakes, mammals, and some intelligent birds have been seen treating themselves before, the only way to treat insects has been found in chimpanzees.

Experts call them chimpanzee pharmacies. They think that applying it to the wound reduces pain or irritation. The second reason is that they may have seen humans doing this and they are imitating this process.

But the aspect of this research is that one animal is helping the other and there is a healer. Such trends have never been seen before in chimpanzees. Even alien chimpanzees were seen helping each other in a way that is a purely human act.


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