Benjamin Franklin discovers electricity! . . . . The reality is the opposite

Monday, February 7, 2022

Benjamin Franklin discovers electricity! . . . . The reality is the opposite

 It would not be wrong to call the discovery of household electricity a historic discovery. Modern times rely almost entirely on this power, but if one were to ask who discovered it, the majority would name Benjamin Franklin, but the reality is quite the opposite.

Benjamin Franklin's experiment with electric current by attaching a key to a kite's string was nothing new. Scientists were aware of its existence in 1752. And surprisingly, not only scientists, but man has been aware of the existence of electricity for thousands of years and has been using it in one form or another.

What Franklin wanted to prove by experiment was not that electricity or current existed, but that he wanted to see that celestial electricity is also a form of current and that is what he proposed.

Thousands of years ago, Greece was the first to come up with the idea of ​​the existence of electricity. He noticed that rubbing the amber of the fossil trees with the skin of an animal made the dry grass stick. This is called static electricity.

Similarly, the ancient Egyptians were familiar with the catfish, the fish of the Nile River that produced electric waves, and they used this fish as a remedy for headaches or sciatica. This therapy is called ichthyoelectroanalgesia and continued until 1600 AD.

Another oddity is that Franklin himself may not have had the experience of attaching the key to the flying kite. Franklin wrote in the Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper only about the success of the experiment and its methodology. He did not claim to have carried out the experiment himself.

About 15 years later, another scientist, Joseph Priestley, named Benjamin Franklin the mastermind of the experiment.


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