Australian lecturer who converted to Islam in Taliban custody decides to go to Afghanistan

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Sydney: An Australian lecturer who has been held hostage by the Taliban for three years has decided to go to Afghanistan to help the government.

According to the International News Agency, Australian lecturer Timothy Wax was released after three years of Taliban captivity in exchange for the release of key commanders.

During his imprisonment, Timothy converted to Islam and changed his name to Gabriel Omar. He has been living in Australia since his release from prison but has now decided to support the Taliban government.

"I cannot leave the children of Afghanistan alone, I want to help the government in their education," the Australian lecturer said in an interview.

The Australian lecturer also appealed to the Sikh community to return to Afghanistan, claiming that a former Member of Parliament, Narendra Singh Khalsa, had arranged a meeting with Taliban Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani.

It should be noted that the Australian lecturer was abducted from the gates of Kabul University in 2016 while Anas Haqqani and Khalil Haqqani were released in 2019 in exchange for their release.


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