Assassination attack on Libyan PM

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Tripoli: Libyan Prime Minister Abdelhamid al-Dubeiba narrowly escaped an assassination attempt. His car was fired upon. Several bullets hit his car.

According to media reports, Abdul Hameed Al Dubeiba was returning home when his car was allegedly attacked. The incident comes ahead of a vote in parliament to replace him with a new prime minister.

The attack comes at a time when Libya's eastern parliament and al-Dibiba's national unity government are vying for control of the country. The assailants fled.The incident is being investigated.

According to the report, the attack took place when Prime Minister Abdul Hamid al-Dubeiba was returning home early in the morning. It is clear from this incident that an attempt was made to assassinate him.

Libya's political crisis could escalate if it is finally confirmed that an assassination attempt is being made on Prime Minister Abdelhamid.

The prime minister says he will ignore the vote in the eastern parliament on Thursday to replace him with a new prime minister.


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