According to the report, Microsoft received 35 billion suspicious emails last year

Sunday, February 6, 2022

WASHINGTON: Microsoft's example is enough to understand cyber-attacks around the world, with the company receiving 35.7 billion suspicious emails last year, or more than a thousand e-mails per second, containing no viruses, phishing agents or There was a suspicious code.

According to the cybersecurity report, its anti-virus and Azure Active Directory blocked mail with brute force, phishing and other malware. Billions of miles were blocked with the help of Office 365.

Which were sent to various institutions, companies and individuals.

9.60 billion e-mails were bombed on other consumer and corporate entities. At the same time, thanks to Brute Force, 25.6 billion consumer accounts were saved from being hacked.

You can see what kind of cyber threats the big corporations and all the internet users are facing.

According to Microsoft, it is growing rapidly. Eighty percent of them used common methods of digital theft. One of them is password spray in which innumerable similar passwords are applied to an account. The second method is social engineering attack. The third method is phishing, in which important information is getting by sent  mail.


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