A photo purchased for only thirty dollar turned out to be worth ten million dollar

Friday, February 4, 2022

LONDON: A 30 dollar painting bought from a second-hand sale is a masterpiece from hundreds of years ago and experts have suggested a minimum price of  10 million dollar.

This painting was purchased from Yard Sale in 2017,

Which is a famous ancient auction house in London, where people sell their antiques outside the house on Sundays. The painting was originally created by the famous artist Albert Dreyer. Albert was a famous painter who died in 1528.

This picture meant 'The Virgin and Child'. According to the report, all the masterpieces of Albright have been discovered but these important pictures were hidden from the experts. That is why this picture has been called a rare picture.

Archaeologist Clifford Schuer says the painting was completed in 1503.

The painting eventually reached the bookstore, and has since become part of the art gallery. However, much has been done to prove this, as many such claims have been proven false in the past.

But Clifford traveled internationally for three consecutive years, discussing the painting with some of the world's top experts, and everyone confirmed it.

All experts put the potential value at at least 10 million dollar.


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