9,000-year-old formal complex discovered in Jordan desert

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

In the depths of the Jordanian desert, archaeologists have unearthed a nearly 9,000-year-old formal complex, believed to be the world's oldest man-made structure.

According to French media, the Stone Age shrine is thought to have been used for hunting and sacrificing gazelles.

Here walls were built in such a way as to be useful in catching gazelles.

There is also a stone carving, an altar and a small specimen of a large hunting net.

The mausoleum has been found in the Neolithic camp site near the large structures called 'Desert Kites'.

Jordanian archaeologist Wael Abu Aziza says the site is unique in its preservation.

He also said that it is about 9000 years old and everything here is in its original state.


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