Why did a pregnant journalist woman seek help from the Taliban?

Monday, January 31, 2022
Why did a pregnant journalist woman seek help from the Taliban?

New Zealand's unmarried pregnant woman journalist Shirley Bells has become the center of attention these days as her country did not help her in times of need and she had to seek help from the Taliban.

The fact is that Shirley from Belgium and her boyfriend, who is also a photojournalist, were in Afghanistan last year on behalf of Al Jazeera Channel, where they came to Doha after reporting on American withdrawal.

After moving to Doha, Shirley learned of the pregnancy, but it is illegal to have children out of wedlock in Qatar, so she will have to leave Qatar to have children.

Sharlie kept it a secret and thought of returning to New Zealand, but due to Corona's strict restrictions, Sharlie was not allowed to enter the country.

Contact with Taliban:

Sharlie asked the Taliban if an unmarried pregnant woman would be accepted in Afghanistan.

Charlie and her boyfriend had visas to Qatar and Afghanistan.


According to Shirley, the Taliban said, "No problem, you come. Just don't show people that you are unmarried, but if there is a problem, contact us."

Shirley wrote in an article, "Surprisingly, when the Taliban treat an unmarried pregnant woman so well and provide her with safe haven, you think how bad your condition is." ۔

"My country left me in a difficult time. At first I wondered what the Taliban would do to protect the rights of girls and women, and now I am asking my government the same question," she said. ۔ '

New Zealand?

New Zealand journalist Sharlie says that after the Taliban's offer, the Kiwi authorities have contacted them again and their rejected request is being reconsidered.

In this regard, pressure is mounting on the New Zealand government to allow the woman to return home.

New Zealand's Code 19 Response Minister Chris Hopkins says there is already room for concessions for women like Sharlie Bells. We have contacted Sharlie and asked him to re-apply for a visa in the emergency category.

Criticism of female journalist:

Shirley has also been widely criticized for implicating the Taliban in the affair, and for trying to make it look good in the eyes of the world.

One woman said in her tweet that there were many other ways to seek help from the government, so there was no need to praise the Taliban.

"On the one hand, the Taliban treat Afghans harshly, and on the other hand, they have a soft spot for foreigners," said Imran Feroz, an Austrian journalist of Afghan descent.


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