Thousands of years ago, strange donkeys were used instead of horses in war.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

 Thousands of years ago, strange donkeys were used instead of horses in war.

Archaeologists in Pennsylvania have discovered that about 4,500 years ago, Mesopotamia, today's southern Iraq and northern Syria, used a combination of donkeys and mules, known as 'war donkeys', for military purposes. ۔

These were a special kind of animal that was created by man.

Then, 500 years later, horses began to be used in wars.

An examination of symbolic images, animal skeletons and documents found on ancient plaques from Mesopotamia revealed that they were called kunga and were used to pull two-wheeled war vehicles in battle.They were very powerful and very fast.

Experts analyzed the bones of the kangaroos and were perplexed because the animals were larger in size than the ancient donkeys and wild mules but smaller than the horses.

What if it wasn't a horse, a donkey, or a wild mule?

After years of research, experts from the United States, France, Germany and China finally solved the problem.

They obtained samples of the last Syrian mule. The mule was saved in a zoo in Austria and died in 1927. But his body was preserved in Austria.

They also isolated an 11,000-year-old wild mule gene in southeastern Turkey.

When the genes of these two animals were compared to 'Kunga', it was found that 'Kunga' resembled not only the two of them, but also the donkey.

In ancient times these animals were very valuable and they were born with great difficulty۔ They were born from the combination of mule and donkey.


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