This 'sensitive robotic hand' can lift anything as thin as human hair!

Friday, January 28, 2022

North Carolina: American engineers have developed a highly sensitive robot that can hold an egg without breaking and scattering its yolk, even lifting a thin human hair.

It was developed by Jay Yin and colleagues at North Carolina State University. This robot is strong, flexible and highly sensitive. According to experts, it can be used in soft robots and biomedical technology. But remember that it is based on Japanese art. This ancient art is called Kiri Gami.

In Kyri Gami, the two-dimensional structure or material is twisted in such a way that it takes the form of 3D. For this, uniform strips of special material have been cut. In this, two-dimensional material is rounded from the bottom and takes 3D direction.

According to Yao Hong, another scientist working on it, if you know what kind of 3D structure you need, then it can be made from the right two-dimensional material. To control it, the straps are stretched and compressed so that they take on a special shape.

But the whole process is very simple and easy to make. It is so sensitive that it can even lift human hair. Thus, in human surgery, soft robots can be used in innumerable ways. Then they can be applied as a plaster on the movements of bones etc. There can be innumerable medical uses like this.


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