The US president was outraged at the question of his failure and incompetence in Afghanistan

Friday, January 21, 2022

  WASHINGTON: When the US president was asked about his failures and incompetence in Afghanistan, he was furious and asked journalists if they could unite Afghans in one government.

Speaking to reporters at the White House, US President Joe Biden lashed out at reporters over the question of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and ending the 20-year war, according to the World News Agency.

In response, the US President told reporters that the reason for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan was that it was not possible to unite everyone in a war-torn country under one government and if any of you could do that, raise your hand. ۔

President Biden added that Afghanistan has been a graveyard of governments because there is a lack of unity. We were spending  1 billion every week on this 20-year war and could no longer afford it.

"The decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan was made under former President Donald Trump, and we have put it into practice in order to save precious lives, resources and costs," he said.

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