Successful transplantation two pork kidneys in human for the first time

Friday, January 21, 2022


Alabama: While we were discussing the transplantation of pig heart in humans, scientists have for the first time successfully experimented with implanting two kidney kidneys in a patient with both dysfunctional kidneys.

The kidneys were transplanted to 57-year-old Jim Parsons, who previously lived on an artificial medicine system. His kidneys had failed and he had no hope of life.

Jim Parsons has been brainwashed in an accident and is on ventilator. Doctors sought permission from the family for the sake of human well-being, and Jim's dysfunctional kidney was removed and a pig's kidney was transplanted.

The lengthy operation was performed by Dr. Jim Locke of the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). He says this is an important breakthrough in xenotransplantation from animals that can be called a milestone in the medical world.

The knowledge of the transfer of animal organs from genetic mutations to humans is called xenotransplantation, which has been under research for decades. Pigs are the best hope in this regard. The reason is that it is much easier to make their organs genetically acceptable to humans. Second, the heart, liver, and kidneys of pigs are about the size of human organs.

Earlier, a pig's kidney was successfully implanted in a human being and now this is the first case of two kidney transplants which has been very successful. There have also been cases of human heart valves and other organs being transplanted from pigs. According to Dr. Jim, monkeys and chimpanzees had their kidneys tested in detail before humans.

"We have bridged the gap between all stages and information of pig transplantation in a patient in the last stage of kidney failure," said Dr. Jim.

Jim Parsons has a motorcycle racing accident and is on a ventilator. After a four-hour operation, his body did not reject the kidneys because the pig's ten kidney genes were mutated, which could have led to organ rejection.

Experts found that the kidneys were working properly. They have the ability to cleanse the blood and only fifteen minutes later they started urinating. Specialists examined the kidneys for 77 consecutive hours in which the kidneys were working in the best condition.

Experts told Jim's family that the model has been dubbed the "Parsons Model" after their great sacrifice.

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