Strange blue light ice discovered in Arctic

Sunday, January 9, 2022

 Strange blue light ice discovered in Arctic

A few days ago, Russian scientists saw a blue light in the snow of the Arctic region in the country. Which is thought to be a blue LED buried in the ground.

 At the highest point of the Arctic, Russian biologist Vera Emilianenko was amazed to see the beautiful light shining in the snow while walking at night.He felt that a line of light formed as he moved forward. And where the footprints of the footsteps began to emit blue light.

After that she returned to the station and took the photographer with her and took pictures of this strange light snow.

 In the morning, Vera collected snow from this place and melted it. When he was shaken with the needle, he emitted a faint blue light. And it turns out that every time they step on it, they start to glow in the snow.

Spopods are also called shining sea worms. They are found in oceans 100 meters deep. But in the snow they came up. Interestingly, scientists have been coming here for many years, but they have never seen such light.


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