'Salary 25,000 in 4 billion accounts', details of accounts of Shahbaz Sharif's employees presented

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Parliamentary Secretary Alia Hamza wrote a letter to the Chairman Public Accounts Committee (PAC) presenting details of the accounts of Shahbaz Sharif and his family employees.

Alia Hamza said that a corrupt person cannot be an opposition leader, PAC should hold Shahbaz Sharif accountable.

In the letter written by Alia Hamza, it has been revealed that the salary of Shahbaz Sharif and his family's peon Maqsood is 25 thousand while the account has 4 billion rupees.

The salary of peun Gulzar is 12 thousand rupees, about one and a half billion rupees in the account, the salary of cashier Muhammad Aslam is 10 thousand rupees, one and a half billion rupees in the account, the salary of store keeper Ghulam Shabbir 10 thousand rupees'

And one and half billion rupees in the account.

Apart from this, the salary of warehouse clerkYaseen is 31 thousand, and 71.5 crore in the account.

Similarly, the salary of Assistant Khuzrahiyat is Rs 21,500, and about Rs 1.5 billion in the account.

 And the salary of employee Tauqeer is Rs 21,000. While Rs 48 crore is in the account.


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