Pakistan and Turkey agree on joint measures to curb human trafficking

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

 Pakistan and Turkey agree on joint measures to curb human trafficking

The Interior Ministers of Pakistan and Turkey had a video conference in which regional law and order, illegal immigration, human trafficking and other issues of mutual interest were discussed.

A video conference between Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and his Turkish counterpart Suleyman Soylu expressed commitment to further expand bilateral relations between Pakistan and Turkey.

Pakistan and Turkey have agreed to take joint measures to curb illegal immigration and human trafficking. The interior ministers of the two countries also invited each other to visit their respective countries.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that relations between Pakistan and Turkey are very old and fraternal.

The Pakistani Interior Minister said that Pakistan has raised its voice for the relief of the Afghan people from famine. Holding an extraordinary conference of OIC foreign ministers on Afghanistan is a great diplomatic achievement of Pakistan. Helping the citizens is a very commendable act.

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said that both Pakistan and Turkey are brotherly Islamic countries and they are very proud of their bilateral relations.

He said that the world was facing major challenges such as terrorism, drug trafficking, cyber security crimes and human trafficking, adding that a joint strategy and foresight was needed to tackle these major challenges.


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