Now, with the help of hand gestures, control many features of computer

Monday, January 10, 2022

 Now, with the help of hand gestures, control many features of computer

  • CANADA: We know that hand gestures can capture many of the features of a computer, many of which have become systems. But a typewriter system can perform a variety of tasks with a 97percent curacy of 36 hand gestures by making minor changes to the webcam instead of expensive hardware.
  • It no longer requires any new hardware or electrical systems. This way any desktop or laptop can be operated with hand gestures.
  • Now if you want to increase the volume of the computer, leave one hand on the computer and raise the thumb of the other hand, then the software understands the signal and raises the volume.
  • The system was developed by computer science student Neil Sheiber. He says the webcam keeps looking at the face and the hands are hidden. That is why a slanted mirror is placed at the bottom which keeps looking at the hands.
  • Everyone's hand gestures can be different and that's why scientists created a database of hand gestures from 30 different volunteers so that it could be standardized. In this way 36 features of the computer can be controlled with 36 gestures. On the other hand, his algorithm keeps learning more.
  • Interestingly, in the initial experiments, the computer interpreted all these signals with 97percent curacy, which is a great achievement.
  • The TypeLike system is developed by the University of Waterloo, Canada. It has only two components. There is a small mirror that is tilted at a certain angle and placed on the webcam and the other thing is a modern algorithm or software.


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