New type of addiction for rich Americans Frog venom

Thursday, January 27, 2022


For some time now, a new type of drug, which is actually a frog's venom, has been gaining popularity among wealthy Americans.

The drug is called "Buffo" or "DMT" and is illegal in the United States but is being used to treat mental and psychiatric illnesses.

Even small amounts of it sell for hundreds and thousands of dollars.

This particular type of intoxication is obtained from a frog named "Sonoran Desert Todd" or "Colorado River Todd".

It is about 7.4 inches long. It is also considered to be the largest native frog in the United States.

It contains a dangerous poison that the attacker removes from his skin to avoid the animals.

If an animal tries to attack it, the venom quickly cripples or kills the animal, showing its effect.

This poison is becoming known as a drug to famous American actors, athletes, businessmen, industrialists and even technologists.

The poison is known in the United States as "DMT" and "Buffo".

It is not commonly found. Sonoran Desert Todd is killed and its skin is cut into small pieces and sold in bags.

First its skin is dried and then it is crushed and added to cigarettes and used as a drug.

But it cannot be used more than a few times in a person's entire life, otherwise it can be dangerous.

  In just half an hour, the intoxication of DMT / Buffo shows such an effect that the years old mental illnesses of those who use it disappear.

Famous American celebrities say that a Buffo / DMT user may at first feel as if he is dead, but then he begins to feel as if he has been reborn. ۔

Scientific research has also shown the mental and psychological benefits of DMT / Bufo, but before it can be formally declared a drug, its dosage and precautions must be determined.


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