New child infant located in aircraft's lavatory, girl arrested

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

 New child infant located in aircraft's lavatory, girl arrested

  • Mauritius airport team of workers discovered a newborn infant in the aircraft's rest room bin.
  • According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), when an Air Mauritius plane arrived in Sir Sevosagor Ramgolam from Madagascar on January 1, airport staff found a newborn baby in the toilet bin of the plane during a customs check.
  • According to reports, a 20-year-old woman from Madagascar has been arrested on suspicion of being the mother of a previously recovered child, but a medical examination confirmed that she had given birth to a child. Just born.
  • In line with media the new child child and his mother have been shifted to a nearby health center with the aid of the airport group of workers underneath the supervision of the police, wherein each are in suitable health.
  • The woman, who arrived in Mauritius on a two-year work permit, will reportedly be questioned after being discharged from the hospital and charged with abandoning a newborn baby.


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