Muslims are the most discriminated against in the UK, the report says

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

LONDON: Muslims are most discriminated against in Britain, according to a report on Islamophobia published by the University of Birmingham and data analytics company Yugov.

According to the World News Agency, the University of Birmingham and the data analysis firm examined the behavior of the local population towards people of different nationalities and religions living in the UK.

The survey revealed that the British public has more erroneous and conspiratorial views about Islam than any other religion, and that Muslims are the most discriminated against.

According to Stephen H., head of the poll, the majority of those who discriminate against Muslims are elderly, men, those who voted to leave the EU and Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party.

Stephen H also said that prejudice against Islam and Muslims is prominent in Britain. The biggest victims of racism are Muslims, and those with anti-Muslim views are mostly educated and wealthy Britons.

The head of the survey added: "We do not necessarily want laws to be enacted to control criticism of religion, but we do suggest that steps be taken to address the widespread misconceptions about Islam among the British public." shall be.

Anti-Muslim sentiments are not new in Britain, with Nusrat Ghani, a female member of the ruling party's legislature, accusing him of being removed from the ministry two years ago simply because she was a Muslim.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has likened burqa-clad Muslim women to dacoits and letterboxes in his articles. The general attitude of his party towards Muslims is also not correct.

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