Married at the age of 17, I am in favor of early marriage: Zaranish Khan

Thursday, January 27, 2022


Leading actress Zaranish Khan says that she is in favor of child marriage and supports it.

A few days ago, during an interview, Zaranish Khan was asked if he was married when he was 17 years old, so isn't this the right age to get married?

Zaranish Khan replied that I am in favor of early marriages because it seems to me that at this age you can easily make your place.

The actress said that if you start this new life journey at a young age, you will settle down quickly and well, but everyone has their own different thoughts and preferences, so it depends on everyone's own choice.

Apart from this, in the interview, Zarnish Khan also talked about his mother's death and the first award and said that his mother died of cancer. Zarnish Khan said that I was very depressed at that time..


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