Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinian officers

Thursday, January 13, 2022
Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinian officers

Tel Aviv: The Israeli military killed of its own officers all through a protection patrol within the occupied West bank.

Al Jazeera says the Israeli military called the incident a "friendly firing" and said elite commandos from the Oz Brigade were involved in the Jordan Valley.

The assertion said the officers had been misidentified and the IDF mistakenly shot them useless. The families of 28-year-old Major Ofik Haroon and 26-year-old Major Atmar Al-Har were notified, he said.

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A army spokesman stated: "A soldier inside the unit did now not properly examine the scenario within the context of a likely Palestinian attack and opened fire, killing two Israeli officials.

He was later shot dead by another soldier. "This isn't an incident that passed off at some stage in the workout, it isn't that our infantrymen shot at their comrades for the duration of the exercise," he delivered.


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