ISIS AK-47 battalion chief arrested in US

Monday, January 31, 2022

Virginia: A former schoolteacher has been arrested in the United States for allegedly leading an ISIL women's battalion AK-47.

Alison Flack Acorn, a 42-year-old former schoolteacher from Alexandria, Virginia, has been arrested, according to the International News Agency.

The arrested woman is accused of training women and children to operate AK-47s, use grenades and suicide bomber belts.

Alexandria's attorney said in a statement that Allison Flack Acron, also known as Umm Muhammad al-Ameriki, was leading battalions of women and children in all US states at the time and was supplying supplies to the terrorist organization.

The first lawsuit against Allison Flack Acron was filed in 2019, but the woman has since been arrested and brought to a U.S. court, where prosecutors allege Allison Flack Acron was involved in an attack on a U.S. college and shopping mall. Was . Was recruiting and planning people.

The affidavit, filed by the FBI, states that the woman was the head of ISIS's women-based battalion Khatiba Nosiba in the Syrian city of Raqqa in 2016.

Allison Flack Akron trained women in the battalion to use AK-47 rifles, grenades and suicide belts. She left the United States for Egypt in 2008 and settled in Syria in 2012.

The court was also told that the woman's husband had carried out a terrorist attack in Syria in 2016, but that he had been killed in retaliation by security forces.

The woman had three marriages in Syria and all three were commanders of ISIS. If convicted, the woman could face up to 20 years in prison.


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